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The Link Between Infant Feeding, Sleeping, and Motor Development

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Your baby is struggling with sleep, or feeding, or floor time and...

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In this webinar, you'll learn:

Common signs and symptoms of infant dysfunction that are often written off as "normal."

How your infant's nervous system plays a role in all major bodily functions.

The missing piece of the puzzle to effectively improve your infant's ability to sleep, feed, and progress in development.

About Your Teacher

Gina Mydlo, PT, DPT

Gina received her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2013. She has worked in a variety of pediatric settings including outpatient, school, and in home early intervention services which has given her a well-rounded style of treatment.

Her passion is working with infants and their families, and she is often in a family’s home days or weeks after delivery. She has a holistic approach of looking at the whole child and she understands how infant feeding, sleeping, and motor skills all closely interact with each other. She is trained in the Gillespie Approach for cranio-sacral fascial therapy and has taken 100s of hours of post-graduate education in areas of interest such as primitive reflex work, polyvagal theory, infant sleep, babywearing, and more.

Gina's story:

I’m a wife and mother to my school aged son who was born prematurely and with a minor spinal cord impairment. For the first 3 years, my son needed a variety of therapies and treatments including lactation, physical, feeding, speech, occupational, and emotional counseling. Every single one of those professionals was critical to not only my son’s development, but to my development as a mother as well. Going through that experience has given me a full understanding of how the whole family and their environment needs to be considered in addition to treating the whole child. My passion is giving families the tools and education they need to be confident when raising their little ones.

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